Who is Lotus Blossom Watercolors and Lettering?

I am a Pennsylvania artist, working with watercolors to create pieces that are inspired by nature and my love of travel. Recently, I have been learning hand lettering and modern calligraphy, adding quotes to my watercolors.

This new creative path has taken me into a different direction, where I am finding that words and letters can become just as much as an artistic expression as colors and images. In adding hand lettering and calligraphy to my watercolors, I find that the words themselves can become art and suddenly are more meaningful and are another way of conveying feelings and emotions to the viewer/reader. 

Please, explore my site, and hopefully you will find something that inspires, excites, and intrigues you. Art is about sharing and invoking feelings in others. It creates conversation and sparks new thoughts and ideas. I hope you have found something on my site that does just that.

You may also find me on Facebook and Instagram. Hope to have my Etsy up and running again soon. For now, you may direct any orders or custom work to the contact page OR send me an email or a message through any of the social medias that I am currently on.

Thank you,


Sara Kiehl, artist/calligrapher



*All images and artwork are my own.