Restarting the Lotus Blossom Travels Blog!

Hey there folks!

So, besides my lettering and art creating, my other love is travel. Luckily, I have a spouse who has found that he enjoys it as much as I do, especially when we are off to a new destination. It has been almost 2 years since my last blog post, frankly, I didn't have much time with a full time job and my art business.

ANYWAY, I decided to start the blog back up, and what a better way to start it again than with a trip to WACO, Texas! If you are a fan of Fixer Upper, which I totally am, thanks to my mom who got me watching all those years ago, then Waco is definitely on your bucket list. It has been on mine since reading Joanna Gaines's book about how they began their journey and of course, watching Fixer Upper.

We will be heading to Waco tomorrow, and I am honestly so excited, not only because it is a Waco, but I have NEVER been to Texas! I am excited to explore a new place. We will also be hitting up San Antonio for a few days as well. Can't wait for some Texas barbecue and Tex-Mex! 

Check back on the blog for updates and travel pictures! Cheers!